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Extra Magic Hours

During Extra Magic Hours, guests staying on site can enjoy a little more time in a certain park on certain days, either after the park has closed or before the park opens to the general public.

This is a perk only for on site guests and it is one more reason to stay at a Disney hotel rather than off site.

If you are staying off site, this can still work to your advantage. On days with Extra Magic Hours, that park tends to be busier. So I’d suggest looking at the Extra Magic Hour schedule on Disney’s website, and plan to avoid being at that park on that day.

If your staying on Disney property, I’d still recommend going to the park with the Extra Magic Hours. Even if it’s busier through the day, there’s considerably less people during those hours since the park is closed to the general public.

This is definitely a good perk for on site guests. It’s just one more reason to stay at a Disney Resort!


Katie’s Top Ten in Magic Kingdom: #1 Prates of the Caribbean

My favourite attraction at Magic Kingdom has got to be the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! This is an awesome ride that’s sure to please everyone in the family. Unlike some of the other Disney rides, this attraction came before it’s movies. So the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are actually based on this ride. Keep your eye out for Captain Jack Sparrow as you go through this boat ride, all the while hearing the pirates sing their theme song “Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me”! There is one small drop at the beginning, but don’t worry about getting soaked, even if you are in┬áthe front of the boat. The beginning of the ride can be kind of spooky for little kids, as it starts out dark with Blackbeard appearing in the fog. If your riding with toddlers, it might be best to draw their attention to something else when you come to the first scene, as there is a mermaid’s skeleton on the beach. Then there’s the drop, (which you can’t see) and the cheery music starts to play.

This is a definite must do for everyone!!!!