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Extra Magic Hours

During Extra Magic Hours, guests staying on site can enjoy a little more time in a certain park on certain days, either after the park has closed or before the park opens to the general public.

This is a perk only for on site guests and it is one more reason to stay at a Disney hotel rather than off site.

If you are staying off site, this can still work to your advantage. On days with Extra Magic Hours, that park tends to be busier. So I’d suggest looking at the Extra Magic Hour schedule on Disney’s website, and plan to avoid being at that park on that day.

If your staying on Disney property, I’d still recommend going to the park with the Extra Magic Hours. Even if it’s busier through the day, there’s considerably less people during those hours since the park is closed to the general public.

This is definitely a good perk for on site guests. It’s just one more reason to stay at a Disney Resort!


Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful, scenic, Deluxe resort. Based on the wild African savannah, this is the perfect place to get up close and personal with some amazing animals! All the rooms are located in one building. Some rooms have a balcony overlooking one of four stunning savannahs. These savannahs are home to over 200 live African animals and birds. The animals are free roaming, so they can get as close to your balcony as they like. (But they can’t actually get onto your balcony!) If your in a regular room, don’t worry, you can still get up close to the wildlife, as there are multiple balcony lookouts throughout the resort. There are also walkways through the savannah, so you can get down at eye level with some of the smaller animals. Check for a wildlife identification guide in your room or at the front desk, and always keep your camera handy!

*TIP: The best time to see the animals up and active is early in the morning.*

There are over 30 species of African wildlife. Among these species are warthogs, giraffes, zebras, okapi, and gazelle. If you’ve got some extra time, check out the night vision animal viewing, where you can see the animals after dark. Night vision goggles are provided. There is a pool and a water slide, along with a hot tub. There is also a flamingo exhibit across from the pool, and kids activities at Simba’s Clubhouse. Definitely check out the gift shop, as there are some African antiques and souvenirs I haven’t seen anywhere else.

This is really a beautiful resort, however you can see all the same animals at Animal Kingdom.




Coranado Springs

Coranado Springs is a Mexican theme Moderate resort. The sections of rooms are in separate buildings, but unlike the Value hotels, there are multiple bus stops scattered around the resort. This means less walking, as you can just go to the stop nearest your building.

There’s two restaurants: The Pepper Market and The Mayan Grill. The Mayan Grill is sit down, and the Pepper Market is a cafeteria styled restaurant.

There are multiple pools throughout the resort, but make sure you get to the larger main pool. This pool has a 50 foot Mayan temple and water slide, with hot tubs not far away.

This is a great hotel, and is probably the best Moderate resort I’ve stayed at!



Art of Animation

Art of Animation is currently Disney’s newest resort, and the set up is very similar to Pop Century. Like it’s neighbouring hotel, there are different sections of rooms, only instead of the different decades, the sections are based on some of Disney’s greatest movies. You can have a room themed like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cars, or Finding Nemo. This resort also has giant icons taken from the movie, so be sure to take a look around at all the sections. We stayed in the Little Mermaid section, but my favourite was Cars, mostly because the icons of the Cars characters were the size of actual cars. These are available for pictures, so the whole family can have a photo shoot with their favourite character with no wait. Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are available for pictures at Hollywood Studios, however you can’t find the other cars anywhere else in the parks. There are three pools; the Cozy Cone pool at the Cars section; a pool at the Little Mermaid section; and the main pool at the Finding Nemo section. The Finding Nemo pool is the biggest pool in Walt Disney World and is equipped with underwater speakers so you can hear Disney music underwater. The Landscape of Flavours restaurant is almost identical to the cafeteria style one at Pop Century. This is a really cool resort, and I enjoyed staying here. However I did find that, being in the Little Mermaid section (the farthest away from the main building), that the walk from the bus when your tired and your feet are sore, seemed quite long compared to the other resorts. Though if you were in the closer buildings then this would not be a problem, and for die hard Little Mermaid fans, it’s probably worth the walk. Otherwise it’s a great choice for a Value hotel.