My Top 5 in Disneyland Paris

So as I said in my previous post (which you can read by clicking here) I recently went on an amazing journey to Disneyland Paris. I put together my top five things in DP that I can not do in Disney World. Please know that this list is not in any particular order.


1. Billy Bob’s Restaurant. Location: Disney Village. The best food I had during my whole vacation was here, hands down! The chicken was really good and the scalloped potatoes  were amazing! The restaurant has a buffet (which is what we got) but I do believe they have a regular menu as well. It has a country/southern theme to it, with a live band. If you go to Disneyland Paris you must eat here!

2. Crush’s Coaster. Location: Walt Disney Studios. Ok so this is one of those roller coasters that I hated while I was on but when I came off I wanted to go again, if that makes any sense at all. I loved it! The ride is based on Finding Nemo, and, though it doesn’t go upside down, it has some pretty major drops. It’s one of the smoothest coasters I’ve been on, and it has great theming! The cars seat four; two facing forwards and two facing backwards. I really liked how the cars were shaped like turtle shells! The shells spin, though it’s not very noticeable as it’s pitch black in there! Unfortunately, there are no Fastpasses, so the line is really long. There is a single rider line, and hopefully they’ll add Fastpasses soon! I recommend trying to do it as spoon as the park opens. I got there about 1/2 hour after the park opened and waited 45 minutes. It really didn’t seem that long, and it’s totally worth it!

3. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Location: Disney Village. This is truly an amazing show! It’s a dinner show that features live horses and buffalo, along with Mickey and friends. It’s a lot of fun and everyone gets a free cowboy hat. There’s just too much to put into words. You need to experience it for yourself!

4. Disney Magic on Parade. Location: Disneyland Paris Park. Ok, so maybe one of the reasons I loved the parade so much is because I was in the parade, but it was still different from the parade at WDW. I think the main difference was the colour. Disneyland Paris is very bright. Its really hard to explain. Its all pastel colours. Bright and neon. So the whole parade was very bright! So that I think was the main difference between the DP parade and the WDW parade.

5. Distance. This isn’t really an attraction but it is something I really liked, and you can’t get it in WDW. You can walk everywhere! Disney does have transportation to and from all the hotels, but you don’t need it. We stayed at Hotel Cheyenne and could walk to the two parks in 10 minutes. It’s the same at all the other hotels, except the Davy Crocket Ranch. (which, ironically, is the only hotel that doesn’t have Disney transportation to and from the parks.) The two parks, Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland, are literally just a hop, skip, and a jump apart! You actually have to walk through Disney Village to get to them. It was a nice change, though you must keep in mind that Disneyland Paris is much smaller than Disney World. We had a four day park hopper pass and had seen and done everything during that time. We didn’t spend full days at the park. We probably could’ve seen everything in two days if we did our usual Disney full out. There’s just something about Disney, because even though I had done everything I wanted to do, I still didn’t want to leave!

So those are some of my favourite things in Disneyland Paris! Hope you enjoyed!!


My Disnyland Paris Experience

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile. Sorry about that!

I’ve spent the last three weeks travelling Europe! One of those weeks I was in Paris and, due to recent events, I thought you might want to hear about my experiences there.

I arrived in Paris on November 18th, just five days after the attacks. I had no idea what to expect, as I’d only heard bits and pieces on the news and social media.

I only spent one day in the city of Paris. The rest of the time I spent at Disneyland Paris. (Well really, what did you expect?)

I was very nervous at first, but my fears dissolved after I saw all the extra security. In Paris, there were military on almost every street corner, carrying big machine guns with their hand on the trigger. In Disneyland, there were police dogs near the entrance of the parks.

They put our bags through one of those x-Ray scans, and they checked our coats wherever we went. So the whole time I was there I felt incredibly safe!

The people of Paris were all very friendly. They were really excited that tourists were still coming. I remember one of the Disney cast members at our hotel actually shook all of our hands and thanked us for being there!

Now, I’m practically bursting to tell you guys why I went to Disneyland Paris! I went to DP for the International Gathering of Scottish Highland Dance. I’m a highland dancer and the IGSHD is a special Disney event held at DP for highland dancers in November. There’s a traditional highland dance competition with Disney themed awards, and a special choreography competition, where the dancers put highland movements to Disney music. But the best part of all is that the dancers get to be the pre parade for the Disney parade! Yes, I got to be in a Disney parade!!!! It was amazing! Cold. But amazing!

 I’m the one in the green and burgundy kilt. The boy behind me is my brother. 

For the choreography competition, I danced to ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ from the Princess and the Frog! That was another highlight! I danced on a Disney stage in front of actual Disney choreographers!

 That’s me doing my choreography! 

It was an incredible experience, and I felt very safe while I was there!

I’m going to do a few posts on the Disneyland Paris parks, so keep an eye out for those!