The Festival of Fantasy Parade

The brand new Festival of Fantasy Parade recently replaced the 3 O’Clock Parade in Magic Kingdom. I was kind of disappointed when I heard this because ever since I remember it has been the 3 o’clock parade. (I still wonder what they did with all the t-shirts and mugs that said “What time is the 3 o’clock Parade?”)

However when I saw this new parade, I wasn’t nearly as disappointed. The floats are very elaborate and detailed, complete with a fire breathing dragon. All of your favourite characters are still there, and they added in Anna and Elsa.

You really need to start searching for a spot about 45 minutes before it starts.  It won’t seem long, because while your waiting is a good time to check out the gift shops near by. I prefer watching from Frontierland, somewhere along the same street as the Country Bear Jamboree, but really anywhere will provide good viewing as long as your at the front.


The parade is still at 3:00 every day (weather permitting), and it lasts about 12 minutes.

Of coarse I’ll miss the 3 o’clock parade, but the new Festival of Fantasy is a pretty good replacement in my opinion. I mean really, who doesn’t love a fire breathing dragon?



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