The Dwarf’s Mine Train

We were recently to Disney World about mid May, and while we were there, I got to ride the Dwarf’s Mine Train for the first time! (And the second…and the third… oh and the fourth time too!)

I absolutely loved it! It’s different from all the other coasters I’ve been on due to the carts swinging away from the train, which was really cool.  It’s a very tame ride. There are a couple small drops, and one larger, but still small, drop. My only complaint about it was that it was rather short.


This attraction is currently the newest ride in all of Disney World, as it is part of the New Fantasyland Expansion in Magic Kingdom. The wait time is really long. The whole time we were there it was over 45 minutes, even first thing in the morning when the lines are typically short. So Fastpass this one!

This is is a fantastic ride, and I strongly encourage you to try it, if you haven’t already. And if you have, ride it again!



4 thoughts on “The Dwarf’s Mine Train

  1. I thought the ride could have been a little bit better, but it was really cute! I really liked the part where we saw Snow White and the dwarfs dancing in the cottage!


    1. I suppose there’s always room for improvement, right? My biggest issue was that it was so short! I did really like it though. I’m not a huge fan of monstrous roller coasters with big drops and loops, so I probably enjoyed it more than some of the mega thrill riders.

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    1. We went to Magic Kingdom two different days, and each day we had a Fastpass. However we ended up getting a child swap each day, so that’s how come I got to go so many times without waiting in the stand-by line. Though I’ve heard that there is games and activities for people to do while waiting in the regular line.


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