Katie’s Top Ten in Magic Kingdom: #9 Haunted Mansion

Take a tour through a haunted house in your Doom Buggy, with a ghost as your guide! There are ghosts everywhere, totalling “999 happy haunts”. It goes backwards once, but it’s really slow and smooth. I love the illusions. Like the floating candlestick in the hallway, or  the invisible ghost playing the organ.

*Note: When you reach the banquet scene, the dishes next to the head of the table form a hidden Mickey.*

This is probably not the best ride for younger kids. If you have a fear of ghosts, zombies, haunted houses, or the dark, check out the Ol’ Christmas Shoppe across the street while the rest of your party rides it. (Don’t forget about the Parent Swap option!) The Haunted Mansion is an awesome ride. Just try not to pick up any hitchhiking ghosts along the way!!



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