Traveling and Transportation

How will you get to Disney World? Will you drive? Will you take an air plane? Maybe you haven’t thought about it that much. If your from Canada, you might be thinking “Drive? To Florida? You must be kidding!” However those from Georgia and the Carolina’s might be thinking the same thing about flying. After all it’s only a half a day’s drive.

However, driving to Florida from afar isn’t all that crazy. I’m from New Brunswick, Canada and we’ve driven a few times down to Disney.  I personally prefer driving to flying, but everybody’s different. If you like to get there as soon as possible, a plane is the way to go. However if you would like a little extra quality time with the family, I highly recommend driving. It’s worth the extra time, and it’s also a great way for kids to learn about the different states. There are also a lot of other fun little landmarks to visit along the way! (Don’t forget to pack lots of entertainment to prevent any “are we there yet”s) If your staying at a Disney hotel, after you park you don’t have to touch your car until you leave, as Disney offers free bus transportation to and from all of their parks, including Downtown Disney.

If you are flying, you don’t have to worry about catching a cab or airport shuttle. Disney offers free shuttle service on the Magical Express buses from the airport to the all of the Disney hotels. You don’t have to bother with your bags, either. With the special Disney luggage tags, your bags go right from the plane to your Disney hotel room. (This is an optional service that comes only with the Disney’s Magical Express transportation system, no additional fees apply.) Keep in mind your luggage might not get to your room for a few hours after you arrive, so pack your carry-on bag accordingly.


For more information on Disney’s transportation systems, please visit:


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